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Welcome to the Data Mining & Privacy Group located at the University of Thessaly at Volos (UTH). The primary aim of the group is to conduct research in order to advance and disseminate knowledge in the area of Data Mining and especially in its sub-field of Privacy Preservation. Our group focuses on the following fields of research:

DM&PG targets towards developing innovative, efficient, computational approaches to database and data mining tasks, which can be successfully applied to large scale multidimensional real-world datasets. Our mission is to promote research, education and technology in the rapidly evolving areas of database and data mining. The group operates under the supervision of Prof. Vassilios. S. Verykios,  of the Department of Computer and Communication Engineering. For more information regarding the various activities of the group, the people involved in the projects and the research conducted here at DM&PG, please visit the links provided on the left of this page.